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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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money in the enterprise under a certain set of guidelines that existed at the time. the fact that we have finally got up and decided to change those guidelines that you found on this activity is not as much your fault as much ours. as the other supervisors have said, i'm a newbie here. so supervisor eat with tics preference weighs heavily with me. and so we taken that into consideration in supporting him on this. >> thank you. supervisor yee >> i appreciate everyone's comments on this issue. the comments of whether supporting or not supporting went through my mind every few minutes when i go to sleep. i do think about this very heavily in terms of what are we talking about when we talk about conditional use and what are we talking -- what
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legislation what laws do we have on the books that have to follow. we create some recently. to basically say that we should -- those that smoke or use these e cigarettes need to follow the same rules that we have for cigarettes. tobacco use. i think it's incumbent regardless of the result of this particular boat that we work together to tighten up the laws that we really want for our cities. it's hard for me to project from this particular when use issue. we don't have the laws [inaudible] the land-use. so, i'm going -- i artie thought about several things that we do -- that i can actually move us towards the
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path of reducing the usage or at least accessibility of these type of items from people. one [inaudible] we have seven vacancies right on the block. if this were to open up as a business today, doesn't mean that by tomorrow would have six more applicants? probably not but there's a chance maybe another one would come up. so it's important for me to look at a legislation to make sure that we do some cover measures in terms of insight clustering just like we did with some places in the city with medical marijuana. so, i appreciate again everyone's thoughts on this. it wasn't an easy
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decision on my part. i'm sure it's not an easy decision they have intimate in a moment. thank you very much >> okay. not seen any other board members on the roster, we have a motion before us to table item number 23 and 25 and approve item number 24 as amendment. mdm. clerk can you please call the roll >> of those i could quick combos i do but read i do put christiansen i can quit. supervisor: to protect supervisor: no felt i could quick came with it i did click supervisor mark click i could quick came with it i wiener i he would take i there are nine i would check with supervisor: mar in the dissenting vote
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>> this needs eight votes to pass and it passes as amended. item number 24 and item number 23 and 25 are table. [gavel] that include quoted. please call the next item i should before you call the next item, can you please call item number 35 >> all you exit the chemistry do so quietly. thank you >> think you mdm. pres. item 35 his emotions get in the board of supervisors to sit as a committee be as a whole on january 13 to consider items 26 through 29 in a public hearing to declare the results of the special election >> can you please exit the chamber's quietly. thank you. >> approved by the qualified electors and [inaudible] special-effects limit city of county committee facilities district number 2014 one. transit center and resolution
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repealing resolution 468 14 and authorizing the issuance and sale of a not to exceed $1.4 million special tax $1.4 billion special tax bond. >> okay. at this time, we will open the item up for public comment period for any member of the public would like to speak on this item as to whether or not the board of supervisors should sit as a committee as a whole, is there any member of the public alike to make public comment on item 35? so, could you do so please move forward. or ma'am, i'm sorry. >> ivan called sir before. i'm not offended. thank you. told to understand what this is about. this [inaudible]
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>> we are going to have public comment for the item but this is to make public comment and to determine whether not we should sit as a committee as a whole, can so easily your comments to that >> i think that should be more information jet more information on what this is, what it means >> i'm sorry but i can't engage in that comment >> okay. the good opportunity for you to speak on the item specifically if we determine we will send as many as all >> one of the things i'm concerned about is any kind of money because i just moved back into the bayview community and i'm real concerned with the [inaudible] was there for the people. i also have a concern to the [inaudible] >> man this is not the time to
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make those comments right now. it's whether not we can sit as a committee as all. there will be an opportunity. >> okay. >> okay, thank you. >> elect the board to set a committee as a whole because we do need [inaudible] please sit on the board. i think it would be a great idea. thank you >> thank you. other any other members of the public would like to give public testimony at this time? seeing none, public testimony is close. is there any common or is a motion from the floor to move this item forward and said the committee as a whole? so, we can take item 35 without objection. without objection we
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will take this item without objection to sit as a committee is open without objection, this item is approved for us to sit as a committee as all. [gavel]. mdm. clerk, can you please call the item >> [reading] items 26 to 29 comprise the supervisor sitting as a committee is over public hearing to consider a resolution declaring the results of a special election that was approved by the qualified electorate and directing the recording of the notice of the special tax lien and ordinance authorizing levy and the question of special taxes within the special districts of the transit center. item 27 is the resolution declaring the results of the special election. item 20 is the ordinance authorizing levy and the collection of the special taxes and item 29 is a resolution repealing resolution
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number 468 14 and authorizing the issuance and sale not to exceed $1.4 billion special tax bond for the facility district in determining other matters in connection therewith. >> at this time i like to recognize supervisor came with it >> thank you present breed to kick this is the final push item 26 through 29 as of the final legislative steps in the formation of the trans bay community facility district. the trans-bay transit center. this is an issue that this is quite a bit of attention. this past september. the press and the public and certainly amongst our residents in the neighborhood who have been long awaiting the open space pedestrian safety improvements and of course the terminal which will be funded by the taxes collected by this committee facilities district. staff will return to the board for its approval for an offering document and other.vince wrote it to the
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issuance of the cft special tax bond when projects are ready to be financed. in these items of the board is being asked to do the following: one, to prove the results of the election. two, through the words but in the special taxes and three, to appeal the adopt a resolution authorizing the issuance of the special tax bond. the results don't actually i can let the staff announced the results but we do have the results of the election with the 100 percent of the votes cast. the tabulation of the final election is also available so members of the public on the election department website. we have not [inaudible] from the department of public finance -- committee [inaudible] as well as ken richmond mayor's office of economic and workforce of elements who are available to answer any of the questions and also to announce the results of the election. needless to say --
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>> [inaudible]. the city sent out eight ballots and received five ballots and regards were not returned. of the five ballots returned 12 votes were cast. yes votes and no zero votes. so the measure was passed 100 percent of the votes cast. tabulation of the results on the election [inaudible] >> thank you. >> supervisor kim is that those conclusion of the presentation i can >> yes >> without window open at the hearing to public comment if there's any members of the members of the public would like to speak on this item seen on public comment is close. [gavel] this hearing has
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been held and now we convene as the board of supervisors act on the underlying legislation. mdm. clerk, item number 27 can you please call the roll >> >> supervisor avalos i did click supervisor breed i would take supervisor compass with dick i can click supervisor questions and i would take i would dick cohen i would tiptoe i would dick tim kim i would dick mar i would dick tang i would dick wiener dog 11 i'd would dick >> the passage is unanimous. colleagues, item number 28 same house and call without objections item passes unanimously. [gavel] item number 20 in houston call.
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without objections item passes unanimously. [gavel]. thank you. mdm. clerk can you please call the next item to ship the next item on the agenda this public comment. the public become generally accepted two minutes on the items within the subject or jurisdiction of the board including the minutes and the items on the adoption without weapons to the committee calendar. please note public comment is not allowed on items already subject to public comment a board committee pursuant to boggle four-point to to director remarked to the board as a whole and not to individuals supervisor nor to the audience. spear using -- >> man, this may be the time that may want to make the general public comments. the speaker damocles >> good evening. the [inaudible] hired security guards for the purpose of identifying patients who are guilty of [inaudible]. however,
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the sf mta has unwittingly created an ecosystem whereby people are living off the system. instead of paying into the system. the law must protect the constitution. [inaudible] citations issued to passengers for [inaudible] issued by security guards to be [inaudible] and a moratorium for this practice should be set forth. they passengers should be extended the privilege of paying their fair or getting off the bus if they are not unable to pay. the san francisco smt eight must be made aware of the following: only a sworn peace officer can sign off on a ticket on the california penal code section 831, 832. when the passengers
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apprehended for a sex offense is over identification should be taken prior to placement in detention. unfortunately, some security guards in our society in general are racist and carry out their duty with a bias against a special group of ethnicity. this is not the 1900s. when blacks were mistreated in order to sit in the back of the bus. this is not montgomery alabama. thank you that much >> thank you. next her, please >> well, good afternoon, good evening and on a lighter note, i'd like to say my name is gail simone [inaudible] founder and executive producer of san francisco's beloved event the celebration dates. which we have maintained for 35 years. this year in [inaudible] omagh
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are 35th anniversary. will and debbie just the first family of comedy have carried on the tradition since my husband passed in the comedy community has supported high school seminars on conflict resolution through humor. if supported our efforts in outreach programs for hospitals and shelters. today i'm hearing to represent comedy and a documentary film project which has been in the making the last five years. san francisco has a beautiful legacy of supporting the arts. three still standing and information that i passed to the board of supervisors is a history of free comedy in san francisco since the late 70s when the city was so distressed and there was almost no way out
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after all that we had gone through. thank god for comedy in the 49ers. three still standing is a film that showcases that tradition of beautiful and obsolete entertaining way the city leaders should see the film get behind the film for the rest of the country can see you appreciate it. the film will have its premiere with mayor willie brown introducing the evening and tom -- will introduce the film. robin williams was a big part of this film. dana cody paul poundstone and rob schneider. the film is dedicated [inaudible] >> thank you ma'am your time has expired. next her, please. thank you. >> thank you pres. breed and other members of the cabal. i have another speech prepared but i decided to comment on
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your support for the nicotine addiction industry. this is what i got i could get smg tv. help coordinate artery disease develops after spending two years at the gym including almost an hour this morning. having stopped smoking back in 2008 i still have to smoke when i walk down the street. i still have no choice about being subjected to nicotine and its nicotine that is addictive and toxic and carcinogenic and a poison. you've just permitted more to wander around my up this year. this is one time where each one of you supervisors represented the people of the city as an
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entirety and you all -- your face our decision who also be easy way out. this is -- this is after walk by the twitter building out here and i have the hash tag on instant grandma called, twitters junkies because they're all nicotine junkies. this enthusiastic supporters of this new little shop where nicotine junkies, already an eager to get your support and they managed it. so, thank you. >> thank you, xp kurt, please. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hello. my name is
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[inaudible] rosé i work in disease prevention. this worker, spoken at the board of supervisors meeting. the first time was on october 28. my back had been virtually immobilized that i spoke to both supervisor kim about his letter mentioned that they are taught but the high rate of breast cancer and that they have. [inaudible] the highest rates of [inaudible] it turned out that synthetic estrogen was playing a major role in half the cases of breast cancer. the drug companies have been told not to put this compound on the market until it was thoroughly tested and editor by ma, 1938 told the possibility of carcinoma and induced by estrogen cannot be ignored. etc. etc. the drug companies ignored this advice and stayed on the market for 60 years. untested. shortly after
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this talk to my front teeth fell out. the second time was sometimes november i believe after that talk i found that someone had stolen my [inaudible] right front of city hall supervisor campos widget and wiener were witnesses to the sorry occurrence. today like to talk again about synthetic estrogen. it was given to pregnant women in 1940 -1931 to prevent this miscarriage and promote healthy babies. again, the drug companies did no testing to validate this claim for the entire 30 years. in 1930 charles -- chemist published a study in british medical journal showing that synthetic estrogen will board an established pregnancy.. he said everything we know about the similarity of the reproductive system and mammals. >> thank you for your time is
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up. next speaker, please. >> tomko 20, 30 years ago $44 million in state funds went to south developers [inaudible] 414 units, katie three below-market rates which expired 1 january this year. they will go through 12 months and then six months before of notice before they become market rate apartments which three are $90 a year increased, $400 a year increased the last three years just for me. robert barron rates. so, will a little bit more is going out of the city to a pension fund that owns them in florida. fully, at
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some point in time a public bank will remedy the situation and start funding some of the investments and rental properties that we have in the city. the changes coming. or so we hope. e cigarettes no cell phones so. when we got now so the object of what we're building [inaudible] is basically the result. so is it going to be real estate profits, long-term housing, celtic communities which is basically long-term residents. we need a new direction. from city hall. ellis island interactions, the abominable rent increase is terrible. we're going to lose 60 units of affordable housing. south
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beach, i said before, is to san francisco what a cavity is to a tooth. it's not going to become a bigger it. something like this thank you >> thank you, sir. other any of the members of the public -- yes >> yes, thank you. i want to talk about a number of things that are going on in my community. i lived here before. i was a victim of -- where people were kicked out of there after lot of abuse and harassment. like to hear somebody on this board of speak as passionately about my community about the ease cigarettes which is not as deadly trek which is something that people can avoid. but in the committee will not be able to avoid what could happen from that follows. the community cannot go to all the meetings
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might especially on the 20th with a meeting schedule that the meeting i was at last night which i left about 9:00 pm i was about from their from six o'clock to 9:00 pm [inaudible] allowed people cannot be there. so, if you don't really hear from the community that's going to all the harassment, i bought a below-market unit that my daughter is paying for me to live there at my church which is less than 100 feet away, but we were never [inaudible] from the harrison team we were never out of reach from that and in the summer team i called the team long before because i met -- every time i will call the harris would call me it was $96,000 a year you had to make to be in the. twice my daughter was there that her [inaudible] in the second, daughter said
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over about a year and half ago, it doesn't sound right that you have to make $96,000 in dollars to be a below-market rate units. it seems like people that's making a much money wouldn't want to be there. because she is a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree. she doesn't didn't have to make make that much per year. >> ma'am, thank you. >> but we are concerned about >> ma'am while somebody follow up with you i need to move on with public comments. thank you. next speaker, please. hello >> make sure you see this picture. when i was in washington dc. [inaudible].
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>> can you speak in a microphone please >> yes. on. article here about black gay men. also i'm here to talk about last february, they put a noose on my [inaudible]. then in september i had -- that's already the building opposed to watching serena williams she attacked me with a copy mug at the hotel where i lived. recently, we've been having [inaudible] on sunday the 21st before the sunday before christmas the mission hotel [inaudible] in my hotel someone has been going our rooms burning our rooms. i survived but we don't have cameras and are building. they have been working since we went
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over there in september to get the [inaudible] from the young lady. i want you to be aware that [inaudible] when you're black and gay you really don't know if you can say that but i recently found out [inaudible] so, i know all our lives but what i'm asking you is to we need more protection in our hotels. people are setting fires there and it's three things have a new seven to be hit on our men and fires in the mission hotel. all on that someday before christmas. >> thank you limited other any other members of the public would like to speak at this time, seeing none public comment is close. [gavel]. mdm. clerk, can you please call for the adoption without committee
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reference items >> item [inaudible] these items need to be attacked by single roll call vote >> colleagues is there anyone who wants to sever any him sunday at immediate auto option counter without committee reference supervisor avalos >> item 43. >> 43.? okay, 43 other any other items, okay, on the remaining items on the adoption of a committee reference rollcall votes please >> supervisor avalos i would tech supervisor breed i would tech combos with it i would tech questions and i looked at cohen i would tech kim i would
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tech mar i would kick tang i would tech wiener i would tech yee i would tech.11 i would tech >> the committee would now reference is adopted unanimously. [gavel] and mdm. clerk, can you please go item number three. cody three >> [reading] >> supervisor avalos >> i believe this item, 43 his neck strictly tied to item 17 so would like to continue it to the next supervisors meeting in two weeks so can be heard on the same date as item number 17 >> supervisor avalos wickett has made a motion to continue this item


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